Monday, February 27, 2012

Sexy Hot German Women - Yvonne Catterfeld

Sexy Hot German Women - Yvonne Catterfeld

Yvonne Catterfeld is an extremely singer, actress, and TV host. Although she is quite successful today, it has been a rocky road to success. She released her first 3 single with little to no success. They never made the charts and Yvonne was quickly discouraged. Then, her luck turned when she landed a role in the popular Soap Opera “Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten”. She got the role in 2002 and played it until 2005. This detour catapulted her singing career. The next singl went #1 on the German, Austrian, and Swiss charts. Her subsequent album went platinum.

Although she’s not showing bare breasts, this picture definitely shows why Catterfeld is so incredibly popular. First, the look on her face is quintessential German. It’s not the friendliest face in the world, but her features show the Eastern European side to her which is very sexy. Most of all there’s her lips. Those succulent lips look delicious. Then, all she’s wearing from the waist up is that lacey bra. It’s holding up her that are quite young and quite perky. You also get a great view of her silky soft skin. That skin is so soft you could caress and kiss it from top to bottom.

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